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Through expertise in the technology sector with various years of experience, we use latest technology trends, techniques, and methodologies to translate your needs into a ready-made solution and help you excel in the market and stay ahead of your competitors.
We design, develop and deploy digital solutions that empower your digital growth and make scaling your services smooth and seamless

Translating your Ideas into Ready-To-Use Solutions that elevate your brand

Few of the secret keys to experiencing exponential business growth and massive ROI are through technology and digital transformation. At Expert International, we partner with businesses to speed up innovation through technology and translate ideas into reality by making quality software solutions that accelerate business growth available to businesses.

Building the best solutions market requires hiring the best in the business, Experts of more than 70 of industry leading developers and managers that provide an end to end solution to your digital needs.

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Business sectors and Industries we serve

We deliver efficient solutions to businesses across different sectors. Our expertise cuts across:


Management of critical HR tasks such as salary payouts or bonuses, employee leave, or tax deductions manually with paper has a higher chance of inefficiency or human error. With ERP, these errors are eliminated and your productivity is increased.

Efficiently store, retrieve and manage employee information without doing the tedious paper works and manual record-keeping activities. HRMS also helps you speed up documentation and retrieval of new hires’ information during onboarding.

The time consumed and hours put into hiring and onboarding new people in an organization are much. HRMS helps you automate the hiring and onboarding process so you can focus on more productive activities. From sourcing, screening, documentation, and onboarding, our all-in-one software application helps you become a better HR.

Calculate, manage and allocate due employee benefits in one click. With expert HRMS, administration of benefits such as sick leaves, insurance, paid leaves, accommodation or housing is simplified, and managing employee overtime for a better workplace experience is made possible.

Increase the productivity of your team by providing real-time feedback and detailed performance analysis. Expert HRMS offers a result-oriented employee management system that helps employees maximize their day-to-day work activities.

Get rid of the paper works and easily process leave requests and track employee attendance with the attendance tracking system included in experts’ all-in-one HRMS.

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How we do it

Experts International is a place that strives to exceed our customer’s expectations. We have values that guide our decision-making and actions.

01/ Software Development

Software Development

With special attention to performance and flexibility, our business analysts will carefully examine your project requirements and create a detailed roadmap to achieving your goal. Our teams follow AGILE development principles to deliver software built with the most reliable tech stacks.

We take time to understand your software needs and create fully-featured enterprise software solutions, automated SaaS applications, and all types of custom software Mobile, Cloud and On-premise solutions.

Website Development

We set you ahead of your competitors and make your business stand out with beautiful and responsive websites that appeal to your customers and target audience.

Leveraging the latest tech trends and modern design, we create websites that not only resonate with your brand but also with seamless user experience to keep your audience glued to your website.

We also set up a strong SEO base for your website using different techniques to help your business online presence to be boosted dramatically on search engines.

Product Design

Combining technical and artistic skills, our team of experts follows the professional. Combining technical and artistic skills, our team of experts follows a process through business analysis, market research to study your users’ behaviors , needs, preferences, conversion audits, branding and UX/UI design work that boost product adoption and user base growth. We pay special attention to the market trends and understand the end-user to deliver creative designs that improve your market position, boost customer loyalty and reduce customer complaints.

Web Design

Outstanding UX/UI are at the core of every successful website or web application. Using the right and latest design tools, methodologies and approaches, we create a seamless and purpose-driven web design experience for your users on different platforms and devices following extensive market research techniques to identify their preferences, behaviors and needs.

From conceptualization to designing the layout of your website or web application, to communicating your brand values through the Brand guidelines, color palettes, styles, buttons, animations, responsive layouts, and the correct typography scheme, our team of professional designers works hard to give your business the right first impression and establish the right brand identity.

Mobile App Development

Innovate your business concept into a reality to stay ahead in the market and maximize your profit by developing a cross-platform mobile apps that are not only visually appealing but also increases businesses user base infinitely to meet the market requirements and give your customers a great user experience without a hassle..

Our development team implements functionalities of all complexities. No matter the integrations or interactions you want your app to make, we are fully capable to deliver with excellence.

We also personalize your mobile apps to effectively enhance your brand voice and provide more value to your customers.

Website Development

Experts International helps you create quality software and provide your end users with the best experience. Our goal is to deliver excellence.
We provide a full package of QA services to keep your services bug-free, solve users’ needs, and bring satisfying performance. Our QA service includes automation testing, manual testing, performance testing and security testing.


Achieve faster and better product delivery, reduced cost of infrastructure, and greater automation. We build scalable and robust products and deploy them using automated processes to save you time, encourage continuous improvement and speed up time to market.

Focusing on delivering efficient software with optimized scalability, speed, faster delivery, reduced cost, security and development flexibility.


Why you should partner with us

We prioritize excellence in delivery and we always put you first. Partnering with us for your software and IT solutions gives you

Top-Notch Quality

Utilizing our best practices and up-to-date technologies, we guarantee stable, performant, and robust software products that keep your business at the forefront of innovation.Leveraging our dedicated team of experts, technical knowledge, and active years of experience, we exceed your imagination of quality!

Rare Expertise

At Experts Int, our engineers are highly skilled with proven years of experience in using the latest software standards, tools, and processes that meet industry demands in designing, developing, testing, and deploying high-end software products.

Our skilled management team follows through the entire lifecycle of your project - from Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring/controlling, and Closing till it becomes a working product.


At the core of our business delivery lies transparency. We believe that through transparency, there would be fewer barriers to innovation and thus we strive to maintain business integrity.

Business Analysis

Our team use the right business analysis techniques to help you identify your correct needs that can save you time, money and development efforts and also deliver the right solution that meets your exact needs.

Project Management

At Experts International, a big team of project managers are available to identify the correct timelines of projects, keep you updated of daily progress using our in-house project management tool, helping reducing errors in the project, increasing execution efficiency and communicate with clients on a daily basis.

High-class and industry specific business management system with outstanding business process automation.


High-class and industry specific business management system with outstanding business process automation.

Technologies We Use

Behind our business success is the utilization of high-performing and industry-leading tech stacks with great community support. We make use of the best to give you the best!

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